• A book written by a legend in the software engineering field.
  • Very short and straight to the point — will take you ~2 hours to read.
  • Best read when you have some software engineering experience, as you will be able to relate better, however still recommended for non-technical people or even students.
  • Highly recommended to anyone who wants to know how to manage teams that build high-quality software systems.
  • Re the actual content summary, see the summary of Chapter 1.
  • Extremely catchy and edgy metaphors/aphorisms.
  • Chapter organisation can be improved though.

Table of Contents


  • Overall, the module will cover majority of things you will need to know for C and Java, apart from some advanced topics like pointers and regex.
  • There will be plenty of practice to ensure that you really understand the concepts.
  • Assignments (apart from multiple choice tests) are really interesting and as real world as it gets.
  • Total time spent ~80 hours, out of which 50hours were spent for assignments. So don’t underestimate the module/assignments.
  • Unless you want to do 20 hours red bull and coffee fuelled programming sessions, cover the lectures and assignments consistently, working some time on them every…


  • COVID-19 and pandemic — What else there was to do?
  • There are lots of fully online part-time MSc programmes from highly ranked unis at affordable cost.
  • I wanted some formal structured learning.
  • I wanted to conduct some advanced research (beyond reading medium articles or an occasional academic paper).
  • I would prefer to do a MSc Computer Science and later regret that I did it, instead of regretting that I never did a MSc Computer Science and think about how my life could’ve been different.
  • In theory, doing an MSc should help with the imposter syndrome — especially if you didn’t…

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