I read it, so you don’t have to: The Nature of Software Development by Ron Jeffries


Why read it?

Who should read it?

When to read it?

Chapter by chapter summary

Part 1: The Circle of Value

Chapter 1: The Search for Value

Chapter 2: Value is What We Want

Chapter 3: Guiding Goes Better “Feature by Feature”

Chapter 4: Organizing by Feature

Chapter 5: Planning Feature by Feature

Chapter 6: Building the Product, Feature by Feature

Chapter 7: Build Features and Foundations in Parallel

Chapter 8: Bug Free and Well Designed

Chapter 9: Full Circle

Part 2: Notes and Essays

Chapter 10: Value — What Is It?

Chapter 11: Value — How Can We Measure It?

Chapter 12: Of Course It’s Hard!

Chapter 13: Not That Simple

Chapter 14: Creating Teams That Thrive

Chapter 15: The “Five-Card Method” for Initial Forecasting

Chapter 16: Managing Natural Software Development

Chapter 17: Whip the Ponies Harder

Chapter 18: To Speed Up, Build with Skill

Chapter 19: Refactoring

Chapter 20: Agile Methods

Chapter 21: Scaling Agile

What did I like about the book?

What can be improved?

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