MSc Computer Science Journey — September 2020-October 2020 — Part 2 — Principles of Programming


University’s online platform

Admin FAQs

Couple of things to keep in mind

Week 1: Writing and running your first programs

Week 2: Functions and parameters

Week 3: Arrays and strings

1st graded assignment — multiple choice test

Week 4: Java and OOP

Week 5: Java Types, Control Flow and Error Handling

Week 6: Object oriented classes and inheritance

2nd graded assignment — Saturated Reverse Polish Notation (SRPN) calculator

Week 7: Abstract classes, interfaces, coupling and cohesion

3rd graded assignment — another multiple choice test

Week 8: Code quality, refactoring, testing and final assignment

Total time spent and final grade

What went well

What can be improved

Tips for passing the module

Some personal reflection on the module

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